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Inferno (Medium) 11cm (Pack of 6)

  • SKU: D3776K8
  • Gewicht: 1.18kg
  • Material: Polyresin

Available as a part of Nemesis Now’s Premium range, these fiery skulls can warm any room with the flames of hell. Staring ahead, a macabre grin on their face, the skulls are covered in bright yellow flames, flaring up in front of a black background. The inferno is punctuated only by the black of the eyes and nose, and the white of the grin. Cast in the finest resin, these skulls are a perfect gift for any lover of the macabre and bizarre.

Designer:Not specified
Function:Figurines Small (Under 15cm)
Primary Colour:Black
Secondary Colour:Red
Verpackung:White Box