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Metatron 35cm

Ethereal Metatron Angel Bronze Figurine

  • SKU: H4744P9
  • Gewicht: 1.900000kg
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Bronze Metatron 'Voice of God' figurine.
  • Cast in the finest resin.
  • Expertly hand painted.
  • Finished in bronze.

Ethereal Metatron Angel Bronze Figurine

Show your love of the heavens with this ethereal figurine, available from Nemesis Now as part of our high-quality giftware collection. Metatron stands wearing a simplistic, over the shoulder garment. In his raised hands he holds a Metatron Cube, a piece of Sacred Geometry, which is derived from the ancient structure of the Flower of Life. It is believed that God created the entire cosmos according to a specific geometric plan. Cast in the finest resin before being finished in bronze, this figurine would bring a touch of heavenly power to any room.

Designer:Not specified
Function:Figurines Large (30-50cm)
Primary Colour:Unspecified
Secondary Colour:Unspecified
Verpackung:Brown Box